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Participate in RFA's "40 in 40" Membership Campaign,

and get a $100 gift card for each new member that joins!


We need everyone's help to reach our lofty goal of 40 new members to celebrate RFA's 40th year!  Who do you know who would benefit from membership?  Just reach out to them and encourage them to join!  Let the RFA Office know of your efforts so they can support you and provide additional information for potential new members.  We are focusing specifically on new MANUFACTURERS, but all new member types are welcome.

We have a special promotion going on now: prospective members are invited to join us an upcoming RFA webcast at no charge. This is a great way for them to get a taste of what membership has to offer!  The next RFA webcast is scheduled for January 22.

For each company that joins and references your referral, you will receive a $100 Gift Card!  It's a win/win!

Wanna know how we're doing?  Click HERE to see the progress being made towards our goal!  Thanks to our Red Hot Recruiters!!!

Contact the RFA Office with any questions or needs:  [email protected], 678-426-8175.  Thanks in advance for your involvement!