2018 - 2019 RFA Board of Directors

Pictured left to right, Front Row:  Steve Loehndorf, Reser's Fine Foods; Venkat Munukutla, Michael Foods;  Bryan Westerby, The Suter Company;  George Bradford, Mrs. Stratton's Salads;  Lauren Edmonds, St. Clair Foods;  Josh Knott, Knott's Foods.

Middle Row:  David Horowitz, DuPont Nutrition & Health;  Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger, ASK Foods;  Martin Mitchell, Certified Laboratories;  Jeff Pitchford;  Mike Swan, Keybrand Foods.

Back Row:  Keith McIntosh, Mrs. Grissom's Salads;  Jeff Rhodes, Ventura Foods; Mark Rosenfield, Reser's Fine Foods;  Mark Brown, Fresh Creative Foods;  Tom Davis, Lakeview Farms.

Missing from Photo:  Karen Bishop Carbone, Boston Salads & Prepared Foods;  Wes Thaller, House of Thaller;  Don Klausing, Hydrofresh HPP.


2018 - 2019 OFFICERS

PresidentJosh Knott, Knott's Foods, Inc.
Vice PresidentMike Swan, Keybrand Foods, Inc.
Secretary: Lauren Edmonds, St. Clair Foods
Treasurer: Karen Bishop-Carbone, Boston Salads & Prepared Foods

2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger, ASK Foods, Inc.
David Horowitz, DuPont Nutrition & Health
Mark Brown, Fresh Creative Foods
Wes Thaller, House of Thaller
Don Klausing, Hydrofresh HPP
Mike Swan, Keybrand Foods, Inc.
Tom Davis, Lakeview Farms
Venkat Munukutla, Michael Foods
Keith McIntosh, Mrs. Grissom's Salads
George Bradford, Mrs. Stratton's Salads
Steve Loehndorf, Reser's Fine Foods
Mark Rosenfield, Reser's Fine Foods
Bryan Westerby, The Suter Company
Jeff Rhodes, Ventura Foods

Ex Officio Members

Martin Mitchell, Technical Director
Megan Levin, Executive Director
Katelyn Hale, Communication Director