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The Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers of prepared, refrigerated food products united by a common interest: to advance and safeguard the industry.

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Congratulations to the top-five winners in R&FF’s 2022 Best New Refrigerated Retail Products Contest! They will be honored with individual Q&As in the December issue and the No. 1 overall winner—Godshall’s Angus Steak Uncured Beef Bacon —will also be featured on the From the Cold Corner podcast.

RFA Mission Statement

To serve as the principal association for prepared refrigerated food companies


RFA Objectives

  • Educate our members on technical aspects of manufacturing and distributing prepared refrigerated foods
  • Develop and implement programs to address issues of common interest
  • Provide opportunities for networking and collaborative relationships among our members and other entities
  • Serve as a voice for the industry in matters pertaining to governmental policy
  • Enhance and protect the overall image of prepared refrigerated food


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RFA Regulatory White Paper: This document provides a common language approach to help organizations work with FDA and USDA when the regulators arrive for inspections.


  • RFA’s Food Safety Training DVD Focuses on Needs of Experienced Food Production Employees
  • The RFA Food Safety Training DVD for Experienced Employees is a valuable training tool for your experienced plant personnel. The RFA's original Food Safety Training DVD for entry-level plant employees is also available. Click here and here for more information on both DVD programs and how to get your copies.
  • What has the RFA done for you lately? Download the 2020-22 RFA Technical Resources Update Brochure for a full summary of the current technical services and resources available to RFA members.
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