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Explore exclusive advertising opportunities tailored for RFA members! Elevate your brand visibility through our diverse opportunities, from newsletter ads to event sponsorships. Join us in showcasing your products and services to a targeted audience within the refrigerated food industry. Let your brand shine with RFA!

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Who We Are:

The Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers of refrigerated prepared foods united by a common interest: to advance and safeguard the industry.

We develop programs to enhance and promote food safety, strengthen the operating practices of our member companies, and foster a networked community to share information. By pooling resources, the association can develop valuable programs that an individual company might find prohibitively expensive.

Members include manufacturers and suppliers of wet salads, refrigerated entrees and side dishes, dips, desserts, soups, and ethnic foods, as well as companies engaged in business operations related to the refrigerated foods industry.

Why RFA is your Go-To Resource for Advertising Needs:
Industry Expertise: The Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) is a hub of industry knowledge, connecting you with experts and insiders in the refrigerated foods sector.

Targeted Audience: By advertising with RFA, you reach a highly targeted audience of professionals and businesses directly involved in the refrigerated foods industry, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

Brand Visibility: Increase your brand's visibility within a niche market, positioning your company as a key player in the refrigerated foods sector.

Showcase Innovation: Share your company's latest products, services, and innovations with a discerning audience interested in staying abreast of developments in the refrigerated foods industry.

Support the Association: Support the RFA and demonstrate your commitment to the growth and success of the association.

Available Advertising Opportunities:

Industry Trends & Insights E-Newsletter: Keeping members up-to-date on the industry. Sent to membership via email.

The Chilled News Review: RFA’s quarterly newsletter about association happenings, upcoming/ past events, and new members. Sent to entire membership via mail and email.

Conference Brochure: This 20-page booklet gives prospective attendees all the details about the upcoming Conference. Sent via mail to members, emailed to RFA’s full database, and posted on our website.

Conference Program: This spiral-bound booklet is distributed in the on-site Registration Packets and contains all necessary information for attendees to use throughout the event.

How to Secure your Advertising Spot:
If you would like to advertise with the RFA, or have any questions about advertising opportunities, please e-mail [email protected]Ad space is reserved for RFA members only. 



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